Trout Tackle

Fly Fishing, ScotlandFor Loch fishing a modern carbon fibre rod of around 9-10ft is ideal, with a range of floating, intermediate and occasionally a sinking line. The number of different fly patterns used for Loch fishing are too numerous to list, as a guide Soldier Palmers, Invicta, Zulu's, Ke He, Kate McLaren, Butchers and Black Pennel all do well in our Lochs. Size range from 8's to 16's with 10's and 12's used most.

Salmon Tackle

Tackle, for Salmon fishing in Sutherland's rivers is dependent on time of year and river conditions. In the early months of the year, (known as Spring Fishing) a rod of 15-16ft is required capable of casting large flies and a full range of Sinking, Intermediate and Floating lines to suit conditions. Flies for spring fishing range from 1 inch to 3 inches depending on water height and temperature.

For Summer Fishing a shorter rod can be used to cast lighter flies and in low water conditions a trout rod is often all that is necessary. For summer fishing in very low water a size 16 double is not too small. As for patterns the Shrimp flies do well including the Oykel GP, Ally’s Shrimp, Stoats tails and in recent years the Sunray Shadow and Cascade have fished well. A full range of balanced tackle is available at the Highland School of Fly-Fishing for clients to use.

Fishing Knots

Backing to the reel is best done with the ARBOUR knot.

The Arbour Knot

Arbour Knot

The Nail Knot

Attaching fly line to backing, offers the choice of the NAIL knot.....

Nail Knot

The Superglue Splice

Or, the Superglue Splice....

Superglue Splice

The Needle Knot

Leader to Fly Line : The traditional way is with the SHEEP BEND but far neater versions are the Needle knot or the Nail knot

Fly Line

The Blood Knot

To connect 2 pieces of nylon use the Blood Knot or water Knot

Blood Knot

The Water Knot

Water Knot

The Clinch Knot

Clinch Knot

The Turtle Knot

Turtle Knot

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